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Our Driving Passion

BLAST’s driving passion is to bring hope of a better life to offenders and change society's view of Prisoners/Ex-Offenders and Prisons. BLAST want to change prisoner’s futures by reconciling their past.

Utilising prisoner’s massive reservoir of untapped potential! BLAST seeks to re-direct this potential into legitimate enterprises, using this inherent entrepreneurial skill-set to inspire even deeper change.

We accomplish this by meeting the needs of individual programme participants to form caseworker relationships and to showcase their work capabilities. BLAST aims to drive down re-offending rate of prisoners; and deliver a sustainable re-entry into society by supporting graduates into employment and accommodation. When reformed offenders are given an opportunity, appropriate training with a shot of hope. Life transformation isn’t only possible, it’s proven, and BLAST is here to support their dream.


BLAST have discovered that in order to initiate lasting change in the lives of our participants, a holistic approach to prisoner resettlement, is paramount. Additionally, our in-prison transformation programme, we teach our overachieving underdogs essential life skills like making the right choices when making decisions; the importance of self-discipline; how to treat others, and what employers look for when they recruit.

BLAST believes empowering student/graduates to strive for total life transformation is the only answer to break the cycle of re-offending behaviours.

Breaking the Cycle of re-offending behaviour..

Prison makes ‘personal change’ very difficult for many ex-offenders.  Pursuing an education or following rules is a threat to their control instead of self-improvement. This is especially tough for youngsters. Think of crabs pulling each other back down in the bucket.

BLAST breaks this mould by providing a brotherhood which strives to attain similar goals. The men push each other to achieve and support oneanother when they struggle.

This brotherhood is carried into the ‘free world’, creating a growing fraternity with every class, working as a network of brothers who can instantly relate to one another. We did not expect this ‘free world’ brotherhood—they built it!

One Big Family

At our core, we are all one big BLAST  family serving our brothers with accountability—loving them with high expectations and a deep well of grace. Developing this theme further, BLAST caseworkers commit to creating a family atmosphere benefiting staff, all participants and their families.

We are committed to our graduates for life...

Our extended family includes our supporting cast of incredible volunteers and donors. Across the board, we are providing ways for people to be involved in the exciting business of life transformation.

The Outcomes…

The following outcomes should be expected…

– Change of heart with assessment of behavioural change
– Development of a potential business concept or career path
– In-prison and post-release “Resettlement-Support”, including:

§  Accommodation

§  Employment

§  Family support