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BLAST is about change and relationship. Change happens through building relationships in prison, through-the-gate and into the community. Students on BLAST  programmes, develop new ways of thinking about themselves, by confronting their past and developing new perspectives on their future. BLAST also teaches life and employability skills for effective resettlement.
All this is done within a co-operative, open and creative learning environment where relationships are valued and students feel confident to plan their future, with the benefit of ongoing mentoring support from people they have come to trust.  

The BLASThrough Programme


BLASThrough Programmes…

BLAST’s TRANSFORM Programme’ is divided into three parts, each designed to address specific aspect or needs of each student/inmates life, including:

BLAST Transform Programme

BLASThrough Programme - Employability and Enterprise

BLAST Resettlement Support – This starts in prison with an assigned caseworker who remains engaged with graduates, depending on individual needs…

Typical Support BLAST provides, includes:

• Meet at the Gate – studies show that prisoners who are met at the gate (by mentors or staff) are 37% less likely to re-offend.

• Resettlement ‘Kit-BAG’ – basic initial “survival bag” (contains toiletries, underwear, jacket, other essential clothes as needed etc…)

• Relationship Work and Mediation – family and relationship restoration work as needed. This may also include “Restorative Justice Conferencing” (if/where appropriate), this helps victims to gain closure on the crime perpetrated on them and ask questions directly to the offender.

• Accommodation Support – Partners include Nehemiah, Langley House Trust, Betel, and Trinity …

• Dependencies Programme – supporting those wishing to move from their dependencies through partners Nehemiah, Betel etc…


bLASThrough Modules

• Build Relationships
• ‘Dreaming Dreams’ to create a Vision for your Business idea
• Assess Your Ability to Run a Business (not everyone can or should run a business)
• Developing Your Business Idea/Concept
• Estimate Financial Needs for Your Business
• Prepare a Plan for Your Business
• Produce a Plan for Your Business

Each component is designed to support students and provide them with capabilities that enable or achieve sustained employment either through delivery of Business, Life and Skills Training (BLAST) programmes - dedicated to enabling them to obtain the skills and qualifications needed to sustain their successful reintegration into society, following release from prison.

BLAST commits to working with students for as long as they need.

Blasthrough Pilot

Find out more about the success of the Blasthrough Programme through the eyes of our students, volunteers and mentors.