Our Core Values


Fresh-Start Outlook

BLAST believes that every offender is a human being in need of grace and a true second chance. We treat every offender with respect, regardless of background or personal history.


BLAST shows total honesty and integrity in all its works and dealings. This includes being forthright and honest with ourselves, and the evaluation of any criticism of our mission.


Servant-Leader Mentality

BLAST believes that leadership should carry responsibility, humility and service. It is, together with our partners, donors and volunteers, our privilege to serve the prison and wider communities..


BLAST places great emphasis on delivery. We deliver training with outstanding results, practicing what we preach. Self-discipline is a core element of the culture of our ministry.


Love - "Love is a verb..."

BLAST is committed to service in love. All staff, volunteers and leaders will serve without conceit, not seeking our own way. BLAST aims to fulfil the needs of our graduates, and those we work with, not our own egos. We will always rejoice in the truth and seek out the best in others.


Your Values…

"Values are like fingerprints, nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do!"

— Elvis Presley



BLAST’s work is an important part of our student’s lives and it should be fun and rewarding. BLAST seeks to create a working environment that encourages laughter, imagination, fellowship & creativity. BLAST regularly celebrates positive results and recognises those involved in their success.


BLAST believes that without accountability and relationships built on trust, graduates will not be changed by our TRANSFORM programme. So, for this reason, BLAST only commits effort, time and resources to those who demonstrate repentance and the desire to introduce a seed change in their lives.


BLAST is committed to due-diligence. We will use donors' funds as prescribed to affect the effective resettlement of all those we work with. Taking the utmost responsibility and cost-effective efficiency, to achieve our missions' strategic goals and our vision, without compromise. 


BLAST embraces a pioneering spirit and is constantly in the pursuit of innovation and improvement in our efforts to help others. We expect dramatic change and are committed to seeing beyond the current perception, and even the current reality, to break stereotypes and shape new futures. 



BLAST  dedicates itself to the pursuit of excellence in every area of it’s work. We set best practice standards of excellence in leadership and performance throughout our ministry and demand the same from our graduates, volunteers and partners alike.