Our Mission

BLAST is a Christian “Through-the-gate” Resettlement Charity, working with prisoners in prison and in the community. BLAST delivers a variety of services and programmes for offenders and their families. Our mission is to encourage, support change and personal transformation, which enables graduates successfully to reintegrate into society, leaving their lives of crime behind them.

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The “BLAST Transform” Programme…

BLAST focuses on change and relationships. We believe that change is within everyone and happens through the building of relationships, whether in prison or through-the-prison-gate or into the community, following their release from prison.

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Who we are

BLAST was founded in 2009, then become a registered charity in 2010, to support people in prison and in the community; by encouraging their personal transformation and developing their key skills.

As a Christian Resettlement Charity, founded on Christian principles and ethos, to deliver a variety of prisoner resettlement services and programmes, designed to support students/graduates and their families with Business, Life, And Skills Training (BLAST).

BLAST caseworkers support, prepare and equip graduates ex- offenders for the often difficult task of reintegrating in lawful society, after prison.

“Today Britain’s prisons are filled with some of the neediest people from society, often trapped in a cycle of poverty and debt, living lives of crime often with addictions. BLAST want to work together with HMPPS (Prison and Probation Services) to deliver programmes, which change this.”


Get involved

Partner with Blast by sharing your knowledge, skills, time or finances to support our ongoing work.

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As a charitable organisation, we rely on the generosity of individuals and organisations to help facilitate change.